Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How Did You Tailgate?

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect birthday weekend celebration! 
Thursday night we watched the Vandy game with our friends Mel and Andrew. Andrew is a huge Vandy fan so it's always fun to cheer on the Commodores with him. Mel made a delicious new dip that will definitely be in our Tailgating future. I'll be sure to get the recipe and post! 
I got to spend Friday night grilling out with more great friends at the house. We taught this little cutie to say "ROLL TIDE" and 'GO DAWGS". She's a true southern girl now! 
Saturday I was completely spoiled! Everyone's presents were so thoughtful! Of course, I got a lot of Bama gifts. Josh and I have a trip planned for Vegas in February and he surprised me with Celine Dion tickets. It's been one of my dreams to see her, I've been a fan since I was a kid! 
We watched the Georgia Game, then headed down to the Georgia Dome to watch Auburn vs. Clemson. 
We weren't really there to watch though. We were there to Tailgate and cheer on Alabama as they played Michigan. We all had so much fun! Hopefully we will be invited back to the Suite for the SEC championship, where hopefully Alabama will be playing Georgia!
Sunday was a funday on the lake with more great friends and family! I have to share a great campfire game that we played! It's called Fishbowl. Each person writes down 3 words on separate pieces of paper and tosses them into a "fishbowl". You need to play with even numbers because everyone partners up. There are 3 rounds to the game. Round 1 you have to describe the word to your partner. You have 30 seconds to describe as many words as you can. You keep passing the bowl around until all of the words are gone. Round 2, you throw all the words back in and you have to act them out, using no words. Round 3, you have only 1 word to describe it. You have to remember what the words were so it's easier to guess in Round 2 and 3. It's so much fun!!

How did you Tailgate or celebrate this holiday weekend?