Friday, December 7, 2012

SNOW in Georgia!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Judging by this picture, it looks like it snowed yesterday in Georgia! I wish!! I had my last event of 2012 last night, the neighborhood annual Holiday Celebration. We had snow machines and fake snow where you could make snowballs and snow angels! It was so much fun! I cant wait to post more pictures from the event!

I also sent my Christmas cards out this week. I LOVE what my best friend Lindsey made for us! 

I can't believe how fast Christmas is approaching! I have SO much shopping left to do! Hopefully 3 more weekends of shopping will be enough :) 



Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

A snow storm in 70 degree weather, love it!! Your Christmas card is adorable - Happy Friday!

Dixie n Dottie said...

When I read "Snow in Georgia", I was starting to get jealous. We live in the south too and are looking for snow also. Hopefully we'll both get some soon! ******** Happy weekend! :)

Miss Riss said...

I love your Christmas card! So cute and creative!! Stopping by from the link up! Happy Friday!

Ashlyn said...

It really does look like it's snowing! Your Christmas cards look great too :)

Ryan said...

You popped into my head today and I thought I'd say hello! Hope you guys are doing well! :)