Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday

I think I'll do this to match my pantry door!

Nursery Colors??

Love this! 

For my Elephant Nursery 

haha this makes me laugh out loud!

I could watch nothing but Friends for the rest of my life!


Cait said...

omg love those pins girl :) the pivot one is my favorite! cute blog too!

Nichole said...

I love friends! And that knife block is SO cute

Ryan said...

OMG I actually made a "PIVOT!" reference just last night and the person didn't get it. I was so sad. :)

Lindsey Hohman said...

PIVOT!!! love you! I cannot wait to do your elephant nursery!

Ashlie said...

You always find interesting things on Pinterst. I nominated you for The Leibster Award; check it out here: