Monday, July 9, 2012

4th Camping Adventure

For anyone who knows me they know I am not the "camping, outdoorsy" type. But when there is a boat and a lake involved, and the best of friends of course, it's not so bad. Even when you get stranded int he middle of the lake in a storm. 

Our campsite 

 Heading out on the lake, right before the storm. 

We literally were out 10 minutes before this started. 

Making the best of it under the bridge. 

After 2 hours of being stranded we made it back to the campsite. Lindsey got a fire going in the rain and we roasted Hot Dogs and Smores. 

We've survived!! The rain finally stops around 11pm. 

The next day was perfect on the lake! 

Triplets in our matching shorts. Since our hot dog dinner wasn't very filling we went to pig out at Wendys the next day! 

We definitely want to try this again. Maybe next time we'll have better weather! 



Great post. I love being out on the water :)

Lindsey Hohman said...

That was seriously the BEST!! I can't wait to go again! :)