Thursday, July 12, 2012

Free Wedding for an Active Serviceman!

I am so excited and thankful for an amazing opportunity I have been given this week. My friend Natalie is a wedding cake designer. Look how talented she is! These are a few of my favorite cakes she has done.

Not only is Natalie an amazing Cake Designer, she is an incredible person with such a big heart! This past week I noticed her facebook status was asking for help from local wedding vendors to donate their services to give a free wedding to a local Bride and her Fiance who is currently deployed and will be coming home in August to get married! Here is Natalie's story of how she came in contact with this Bride:

"My name is Natalie, I'm a wedding cake designer.  I was contacted by a bride a few months ago about doing her wedding cake.  I gave her some pricing and she said she would call back to schedule a tasting.  I never heard from her, so when I called to follow up last week, she told me that she & her fiancĂ© were going to the courthouse because they couldn't afford a wedding.  Turns out, the Army doesn't pay their active servicemen very well.  I was humbled to find out that this wedding would have been for a serviceman who is coming home to get married.  He's on deployment right now, but they were planning to go to the courthouse the last weekend in August.  This broke my heart!  I volunteered to do her wedding cake at no charge, which she then turned down because they had no place to have a wedding and serve her cake.  I have made a few calls to some of my friends in the business and have received an amazing response!"

This is the wedding cake and the grooms cake that Natalie will be donating. 

Natalie was also able to get a photographer, florist, minister, facility, food for the reception, hotel for the wedding night, and local news coverage to cover the story. This is where I stepped in. I referred her to my DJ and my salon to do Hair and Makeup. I am now volunteering as the Wedding Planner and Coordinator for the event!  We are just 6 weeks away and still have a lot of planning to do! 

Meet our Bride and Groom: Amanda and Brian! 
(Gee, I wish I would've know ahead of time that they were Auburn Fans! hehe just kidding)

Here is our list of amazing vendors to date:

I can't wait to watch this list grow! I'm so thankful we have so many generous Wedding Professionals in our Community! 


Lindsey Hohman said...

Excited to be a part of this!!

Cami said...

Oh WOW this is sooo exciting!!!
What absolutely beautiful :)

Thanks for linking up to Thankful Thursday with me at First Day of My Life!! :)
Happy weekend! ox

Heather said...

Oh Wow! What an amazing story! Such a beautiful thing you all are doing for this blessed couple! Thanks for linking up with BEB for Thankful Thursdays!

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