Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

My Top 10 Favorite DISNEY Pins!

I don't care if it goes with the theme of my future nursery or not, 
this Peter Pan shadow is a must!

I would buy an apple computer just so I could do this!

I could watch a Disney movie every day!

I've been waiting so long...

So True!

Peter Pan Outfit!

This is so cool!

Words can't describe seeing this in person. If you've never been at Christmas time it's something you should add to your list! It's absolutely stunning!

My parents get me a new Tinkerbell Lenox ornament every year for Christmas!

Happy Wednesday!


Non-sensible said...

I LOVE DISNEY! When are we gonna go?? Hurry up and have a baby so we have an excuse to go and act like children!

Jennifer Goodin said...

hahaha you know i'll go regardless!!