Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful for Wonderful In-Laws!

Not everyone is as lucky as me to have a wonderful family that welcomed me in long before Josh and I were married! Josh being 1 of 4 kids makes it tough for the entire family to be together. It doesn't happen often but we are so thankful for our time together! This past weekend we went to Fernadina Beach where Laura and Tim recently moved. The whole family was there- 10 adults, 3 kids, and 5 dogs. I wonder how much those numbers will grow in the next 10 years!

We started off Saturday morning at the Farmers Market. I love the small town feel! Then we ate at a dive hamburger joint at a former gas station. The line was out the door the entire time. Probably only the locals know about how good this place is because you definitely couldn't tell by looking at it!

Here's the view from their back yard. They said they'd only be down there a couple years but I'm thinking they won't be back to Georgia anytime soon :( 

Sunday (Easter) we got up for the 6:30am Sunrise Service on the Beach. I haven't seen a beach sunrise in a long time. It was well worth the 5:30am wake up call. 

All the boys played golf that day while all the girls headed to the beach! What a perfect and gorgeous day!

We got to celebrate Josh's 26th Birthday. I bet he can't remember the last time his entire family was together for his birthday. My guess would be probably 10 years. 

After a day with the girls I tried to hang with the boys. The 3 of them are trouble when they get together :) They are always so excited to see each other! There's usually a fire involved (planned or not)!
We were SO SAD to leave on Monday. We debated calling in sick on Tuesday so we could stay an extra day! I am so thankful we have such a loving and wonderful family that we wish we could spend more time with. Not everyone is that lucky!! 
We got a late start hitting the road, but we decided it would be worth it to stop and get some fresh seafood. We don't get that often. It was worth the extra delay home! We found a place about an hour out that we will make it a tradition to stop from now on when we go down to visit. 

We had the perfect car ride home! No radio, just talking for 6 hours about family and the future! I can't wait for the next Goodin Family get together. We are hoping for Christmastime at Disney!!

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<3 this post. You are very blessed :)

Cami said...

Oh what a lovely post! My boss lives up in Fernadina's GORGEOUS up there!! I can imagine what a great time you had!
I love going to Farmers Markets..yay!
So happy to hear you had such a blessed, amazing, happy weekend!! Here's to many more of those!

Thank you for linking up to First Day of My Life's Thankful Thursday! :)