Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Savings- Candy Station

One of the most popular wedding trends today is to do a Candy Station for your Wedding Favors. I was watching 4 Weddings not too long ago and one of the Brides had a very elaborate Candy Station and one of the Guest Brides said "I didn't like her Wedding Favors because Candy doesn't count". She obviously has no idea how expensive they can be! Why wouldn't that count? Who doesn't like candy!
Since the cost can really begin to add up, I'd like to share some ideas to help save you $$$, something I think every Bride out there is looking for!

1. Favor Bags
You don't have to have a bag for every person. Couples can share. You can either make a sign stating this or you can tie the bags into your escort cards, or even use them as your escort cards!
I purchased these bags off of Etsy. You can also purchase them online and use your own stamps. This will save you major money! I had 2 different sizes and paid $1-$1.50 per bag and here is a website for 16 cents per bag!! Muslin Bags. I guess I should've done a little more research on these!

2. Candy Station Sign
This was also purchased on Etsy. My sister actually ordered it for my shower and it didn't come in time so we wanted to make sure we still got to use it. Again, something like this could easily be made from home. 

3. Candy Containers and Scoops
I looked EVERYWHERE to try the perfect containers to go with a Rustic theme. Most Brides purchase glass containers in different shapes and sizes, but I knew I would never use those again. Finally a light bulb came on and I decided to use what I already have. My Mom and I each have a variety of Pottery and this went perfect with my Rustic theme! She also had some small wooden spoons and tongs from Pampered Chef. 

4. Candy!
I did a variety of Chocolates, which I ordered from Dove Chocolates. I had no idea you could order online and they have so many yummy choices! I also purchased Candied Pecans and Caramel and Candy Apples from the Candy Store in the mall. I also had my Aunt make a family recipe, Chocolate Bon Bons, one of my favorite childhood desserts! If you have helpers that can help make Candy Apples and other desserts this can save a lot of money as well!

Happy Planning!

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Lindsey Hohman said...

You made me hungry.... I don't think I even made my way over to this at your wedding because I was too busy dancing my bum off! :)