Tuesday, March 20, 2012

9 Secrets of Happy Couples

I found this on The Bert Show website (my favorite morning radio show). It's the 9 Secrets of Happy Couples. I printed it out and will keep it in my purse, so every time I clean out my purse I'll read it to refresh my memory :) 

1. They use terms of endearment. Sure, it's annoying to listen to, but they're signs of affection. So bring on the honey, baby, sweetie, and every pet name under the sun. (Ex. I wuv you Honey sugar sweetie pie). 

2. They do stuff together. When that feeling of falling in love passes (you know, when you're done canoodling in bed all day), you do other things together. Hobbies, businesses, classes, activities- whatever it is, it's something. 

3. When the going gets tough...they don't call mom or dad. You want your family to like your significant other, right? Well remember that spat you had 3 months ago that you've looooong forgotten about? They still remember. So unless you want Grudge City, leave 'em out of it.

4. They stay connected to their parents. Sure, you're not bringing them in on the family problems, but they're still connected with them.

5. You don't nickel and dime about chores. Don't keep a tally, a la I did the laundry, so you have to do the dishes. And don't expect them to read your mind!

6. They fight constructively. Instead of just throwing out curse words, they come up with a solution.

7. They give each other gifts. Not just on Valentine's Day or Birthdays- we're talking spontaneous gifts here. A random bunch of flowers, a pint of ice cream, a fun t-shirt- whatever it is, it's still a gift and it means you're thinking of them.

8. They never lose their sense of humor. They can laugh together, even in the dark times.

9. They take for better or for worse seriously. No matter how hard it gets, you know in your heart of hearts you're going to stick it out, no matter what.


Lindsey Hohman said...

Love this! I miss the Burt Show.... I don't commute anymore, so I never get to hear them!

Jennifer Goodin said...

I know! I actually wish I had a longer commute! Haha