Friday, March 9, 2012

It's Friday!


I can't believe it's already Friday. I don't know why but this week went by pretty fast. Probably because I'm actually NOT looking forward to Saturday. My sister signed up my entire family for a 5k! She is a very active runner and loves to exercise. She wanted to give us motivation to actually have to work out to prepare for this. Well, the jokes on her! None of us trained for this for a single minute! haha. Actually, I think tomorrow morning the joke will be on us! 
This week we got our tickets for Opening Day for the Braves! We are going with our best friends! While everyone is super excited for baseball season to start, my main attraction to the game is the food! I HAVE to have boiled peanuts, nachos, a hot dog, and cotton candy! Hmm, maybe that has a little something to do with my depressing shopping trip this week and not being able to fit into the size I just recently went up to a few months ago! 

I am SO excited that this weekend is SPRING FORWARD! Maybe now I'll actually have some motivation to take a walk after work, OR sit on my back patio basking in the sun with a glass of wine! I'm ready to get out of the winter slump and enjoy the warmer weather! 



Lindsey Hohman said...

Go Braves! And I joined Weight Watchers yesterday! LOL I'm tired of going up in sizes... you are still so tiny! :)

Jennifer Goodin said...

I may look like it because I'm tall but i have a little too much cottage cheese!

Red Elephant Clothing said...

Haha, Im just getting used to "Fall Back", and now we have to Spring Forward again! Im not sure if Im looking forward to that or not :)