Monday, March 12, 2012

Wedding Video Highlights!

The biggest advice I can give someone planning a wedding is RECORD IT! Hiring a Videographer was the best decision I could have made for our wedding. I was at a Japanese Steakhouse with my family and I was asking about getting one. When I told my Dad how much it was gonna cost he said he would just bring his own camera and film! The stranger sitting next to us said she was sorry for butting in but she had a Videographer for her wedding over 20 years ago and is still able to enjoy the wedding footage to this day and it was so worth it! So thank you stranger lady for helping convince my Dad! 

If you can't afford one make sure you have someone (probably not your Dad or anyone else in the wedding party!) who can film throughout the day. Our Videographer arrived as we were starting our pictures and was there until the end. One of my favorite things was getting to watch the Ceremony from start to finish. I didn't get to watch everyone walk down the aisle and I was so nervous I could barely remember anything during the Ceremony. I love that we can show it to our kids one day and have them tell me how ugly my dress is! haha. 

Here are the highlights from our wedding video- Goodin Wedding Video

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