Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful for my Sweet Husband!

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I love Thankful Thursdays! Today I want to write about my Best Friend, my Husband. We couldn't decide on a song for our first dance because we've never had "a song". One night we were talking about how we really are each other's Best Friend's so we decided to go with Tim McGraw's "My Best Friend".

Here's the VERY short version of US: Josh and I met about 12 years ago in our small Christian High School. We started dating in September 2007. We got engaged in February 2011. We were married on November 26, 2011. 

I have heard from so many people that their first year of marriage was the hardest. Wow! If that's the case we should be in pretty good shape. Ok, we've only been married for not even 4 months yet, but so far it's been perfect! I know, I know, we're still in the Honeymoon stage and oblivious of what's to come. My promise to him is that I will work every day to make him happy and to always be kind! I think kindness goes a long way. 

 I'm so THANKFUL for God's plan for our lives and how he brought us together. Josh is very thoughtful, hard working, talented and SO handsome I think :) 


black tag diaries said...

soooo sweet! and loved seeing all of the pictures!! thanks for linking up! happy thursday!

Jenny Melrose said...

Your story is so sweet! Thanks for stopping over to and commenting on the picture frame. That is actaully Kim's from She'd love it if you stopped over and said hi. She is amazing and so talented! Thanks ---Jenny

Jennifer Goodin said...

aww thanks for stopping by!!